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In late 1999, The Columbus Emmaus Cluster, representing 500 local individuals who have participated in the Walk to Emmaus, was made aware that the number of applicants from the Valley area had grown so large that waiting times were stretching to nearly a year. The Upper Room organization that sponsors The Walk to Emmaus encouraged the Columbus group to establish its own walk site to meet the demand for this area which previously has been served by Dooly Campgrounds, over 80 miles from Columbus. After an unsuccessful search for a location was conducted, a survey was taken of area churches and Christian organizations within fifty miles of Columbus, and the response and interest was tremendous. The results indicated that those surveyed felt there was an extreme shortage of places in the West Georgia - East Alabama region to hold Christian retreats and events, and they would support such a facility if it were to be built.


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...Set apart to provide facilities for Christ-centered retreats and events held to nurture and promoted spiritual growth